Maturity Model

By Larry Danberger February 9, 2019

When you search the internet you will find many different maturity models to choose from, searching on terms such as ‘Data Management Maturity Assessment’ or ‘Corporate Maturity Model’. All are essentially providing similar paths to identify the existing characteristics of your team or organization, and are identifying actionable objectives to move forward.

What level does your company or team operate at? Review the behaviors and characteristics on the chart below, to determine where you are, and identify where you’d like to be.

Many start at 0 or 1, and small companies often stay there. Larger organizations with multiple teams reduce risk and increase efficiency by rising up through the levels. Recent mergers often result in dropping down a few levels. Well executed mergers and acquisitions by companies at the higher levels often happen with little to no negative impact on the organization, as change is handled smoothly and within the corporate ‘rhythm’.

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